Tennessee Needs Transparency 

This website is being created by Sharyn Bovat the DOD/NISSAN Whistleblower to show the problems in the Tennessee courts. It's important for America to understand the same courts that bullied the family of Martin Luther King when they sought justice are still abusing those TODAY that speak up for humanity.

Everyday I sit and drink coffee & think about how to make my dream a reality - again my name is Sharyn Bovat & I have a dream & that is the "same" dream as Martin Luther King - Respect for ALL people & 
God Bless America    contact me   SharynBovat@iCloud.com

Amy Louise Burns

 A mom from Michigan stood up to her husband (who likes to say the word Nigger & comes from a KKK family).

This mom had proof her husband hit her & said (on tape) he was gonna kill her & said (on tape) he was lying to the IRS BUT that did not matter in Tennessee.  Her future ex is a member of the Good Ole Boy network that is aligned with the popular Governor (Haslam). In Tennessee it appears that abusing a woman who complained about racism and lack of fairness is acceptable. FYI- she called the police during a moment of family tension (one that was "getting ugly" she called the police because she feared for her and her child's life) and his family took that opportunity to "swore out" warrants against her. She's been to jail 3 times on "trumped up" charges and she's lived in poverty.  The DA knows that he has over 2 million that flows through his checking account every year. The DA knows he pays no federal income taxes and the DA Kim Helper does not care, thus proving that being linked to the KKK gets you preferred treatment in the state that is #1 in corruption (DailyBeast) & #1 in violent crime (FBI) …  

Amy Burns was wronged by an IRS cheating Good Ole Boy money launderer & I can PROVE it!!!

Read about her fight with the Good Ole Boys

It's one thing to read it: NOW hear it

Soon learn how judges including Judge Chris Craft took away the US constitutional rights of a mom from Michigan who stood up to a man who likes the word Nigger and comes from a KKK family. In Tennessee "being linked to the KKK" gets you preferred treatment in the courts.  I can PROVE it!!!

Earlie Story 

Read about his fight with the Good Ole Boys

Chris Craft has been allegedly caught "lying" about Earlie Story and he also was a judge that denied the family of Martin Luther King and James Earl Ray justice

Chris Craft had applied to sit on the Tennessee Supreme Court but after this http://kimhelperda.blogspot.com/2013/12/tom-ingram-you-better-tell-governor.html was posted Tennessee Governor Haslam made a "quick" appointment to someone else. Check back soon - it was confirmed that the blogging of Sharyn (me) kept him off the biggest bench in Tennessee & maybe some people might see fairness in the Tennessee courts…  I sure do hope "that" is not a dream:):)   Sharyn
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